Cherub: The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

Genre:  Realistic Fiction/Adventure

# of Pages:  345

RAC:  Yes

After James becomes an orphan and his sister is taken away, he has to live in a group home and cannot seem to keep out of trouble.  One day James wakes up in a totally new environment and learns that he has the chance to train to become a child spy for the organization called CHERUB.  This organization has been around for decades and uses children because no one suspects children of being spies.  James must endure some intense training in order to even be considered for this elite organization, but he believes it might be just what he needs in order to succeed and do something with his life.  Can he survive the training?

This espionage story is fun and fast paced as James’s life changes quickly from chapter to chapter.  Readers will like James and want good things to happen to him even if he makes questionable decisions at times.  Boys and reluctant readers will especially enjoy this story and will be eager for the sequel.

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