Fat Cat by Robin Brande

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

# of Pages:  327

RAC Book:  Yes

Cat is a very serious science student who wants to wow her teacher with her year-long science project.  Her teacher gathers pictures from various locations and each student blindly chooses one at the beginning of the year.  Then, they have one hour to create a project idea that relates to that picture.  Cat is not thrilled when she picks a picture of ancient hominids.  She quickly realizes this could be a unique opportunity to start living healthier and simpler.  She is overweight and addicted to caffeine, in addition to several forms of technology.  She decides that from September to March she will eat only what was available to hominids (with a few health regulated rules) and using only technology available to hominids (with the exception of technology she needs for school use only).  This includes eating nuts and berries, walking most places, and never watching T.V.  As Cat’s experiment takes off she wonders how much of our lives are affected by the lifestyle we keep.  Can Cat survive on this lifestyle until March?  What kinds of changes will she notice in herself?

This story has a unique and interesting premise.  The supporting characters are also fun and lively as they help Cat navigate through this experiment.  The side story with Cat’s former best friend is fairly predictable and takes awhile to actually resolve, but readers won’t mind waiting.  The idea of strengthening our bodies and minds with fewer chemicals, preservatives, and modern conveniences is very interesting and plays out well in the story.  Recommended for students who like like books like Meg Cabot.


1 Response to “Fat Cat by Robin Brande”

  1. 1 Daniel March 22, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    i might like this book

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