The End of Her by Shari Lapena

Genre: Mystery

Stephanie and Patrick are struggling to care for their new twins who have colic and never stop crying for hours on end. Stephanie is exhausted and barely keeping it together, while Patrick has been reprimanded at work for his work product lately due in part to his exhuastion. They are still relatively happy, though, until someone from Patrick’s past begins coming around and alleging that he killed his first wife. Stephanie knew his first wife had died, but she didn’t know the specifics. At first, she is skeptical of Erica and a little afraid of what she might do if they don’t pay her the money she wants, but ultimately Stephanie refuses to give some of the trust she got from her parents to pay a blackmailer. Now Erica is threatening to go to the police and Patrick is scared they will reopen the case. Could he be hiding something? Should Stephanie be afraid of the father of her children?

This suspenseful novel takes you on an adventure from the beginning. It is difficult to know the truth when everyone seems to be telling a different story. The characters are all well developed and it’s easy to see why they act the way they do. The ending is very exciting and readers will be both stunned and surprised. Fans of books such as the Girl on the Train and the Woman in the Window will enjoy this.

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