Remember Me Gone by Stacy Stokes

Genre: Mystery/Fantasy

Lucy was born and raised in Tumble Tree Texas where her father has continued his family legacy of being able to take people’s sad memories away from them. People come from all over to have their memories taken and put into jars so that they can feel unburdened and Lucy was raised to believe this was a good thing her father does. Lucy has always harbored a desire to travel like her mother, but ever since her mother died those plans have been put on pause. It’s only when Lucy runs into the mayor’s nephew that she begins to realize that she thinks her memories of him are mysteriously gone. Something about him is familiar, but she can’t put her finger on it like the memory has been wiped away. Is it possible that her father would take her memories without her permission? Why would he want her to forget a classmate? Or were they more than that? Also, why does her father sneak out at night to go to the nearby mines? What is the mayor hiding about the mines that employ most of the town and how is her father involved? Can she ever recover what she lost? Will she ever really leave this town or is she trapped?

This unique story follows a girl who is trying to decide who she is and what her family does. The idea of memories is especially interesting because there are so many things tied up in memories that even though it might sound like a good idea to have things that are painful removed, it is never really that easy. It also does a nice job of showing how people with too much power and ulterior motives can absolutely influence a large number of people into doing their bidding. The story starts slow as it sets the scene, but is well worth the intricate plot and surprising twists as the story really takes off. The ending is very satisfying and believable, which is impressive with so much to resolve.


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