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Alfred Kropp the Seal of Solomon by Rick Yancey

Genre:  Fantasy

Age Level:  14 and up

# of pages:  327

RAC Book:  Yes

In this sequel, Alfred Kropp is kidnapped out of his foster home when his help is needed to retrieve the Seal of Solomon.  The Seal of Solomon is the vessel that holds the fallen angels from heaven and the ring that can release them.  These were taken from the secret organization Alfred came to know in the first book when a rogue agent decided to release them into the world. 

As Alfred tries to help protect the world from millions of demons he seems to only make things worse.  This adventure story will keep readers interested all the way until the end.  There is a super hero feeling to Kropp, but at the same time he is a regular teenager who thinks and acts like a regular teenager.  The humor, suspense, fantastical elements, and adventure will be a hit with teens.