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Life At Hamilton: sometimes you throw away your shot, only to find your story by Mike Anthony

Genre: Nonfiction

This fascinating story follows bar tender Mike Anthony as he tries to find his place on Broadway. He always wanted to be an actor and even went to school to earn a degree in acting, but he’s never gotten that big break. However, he has had a successful career as a bartender in one of Broadway’s most illustrious theaters. He recounts the tale of meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda the first time when he was working on an entirely different production before Hamilton. He was immediately mesmerized by him and knew he was special. As they began to get rumblings that Hamilton was going to come to their theater the staff braced for what was sure to be an amazing experience. Mike often used social media to let the public know who had been to see Hamilton, any interactions with them, and special moments with the general public. Despite struggling with the fact that he was part of such an amazing production without actually contributing as a performer, he came to realize that it was a gift to be able to be part of this amazing show’s tenure on Broadway and to be a part, even in a small way, of such a major occasion in so many people’s lives. Recommended for fans of live theater and anyone looking for an uplifting book during such a hard year.

My Life: The Musical by Maryrose Wood

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Age Level: 14 and up

# of Pages: 228 p.

RAC Book: Yes

Emily and Philip are two best friends who love the musical Aurora. They have accumulated a substantial debt going to see it every weekend for three years. Now they are shocked to learn that their beloved Broadway musical is set to close and there are no more tickets to be had.  Emily had borrowed all of their money for these tickets the last three years from her grandmother, who now wants to elope with her boyfriend and would like her money back.  This puts Emily and Philip in a bad situation as they have no way of paying this back and they can’t tell their parents because they never told them where they were going every weekend.  Can they manage to see their favorite show one more time or has their obsession ruined their lives forever?

This is a cute story about young adults who love musical theatre.  It is not fast paced or full of action, but students who enjoy the arts will find it amusing and fun to read.  Some young adults identify with activities such as sports and others enjoy the performing arts.  This is a book for those students who cannot live without the performing arts.  For students who do not know anything about Broadway and musicals they will learn a lot about this form of entertainment from this book.  This is a good book for those wanting something light that is not a romance.