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Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

# of Pages:  290

RAC book:  No

Anna and Frankie have been best friends forever and Frankie’s older brother, Matt, was also close with both girls.  When Matt suddenly dies of an unknown heart condition it affects both girls in very different ways.  As they try to cling to their friendship, Anna begins to realize that she does not know Frankie as well as she thought she did.  Frankie suggests dating twenty boys on their summer vacation so that they can find their first official romances.  Will Anna go along with Frankie’s crazy plan to date twenty boys in twenty days?  Will Frankie forgive Anna for keeping a huge secret about Matt?

This story about friendship and romance starts off with a very interesting and engaging premise, but loses its way a bit in the middle.  Some girls will enjoy following how the characters open up to each other on their summer vacation, but many will question their motivations and the casual path the story takes.  The premise that two best friends would keep such big secrets from each other is hard to accept, especially considering the loss they have endured.  It seems unlikely the relationship will continue much after the book has ended.  This will be a hard sell to most high school students.