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The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

Genre:  Realistic fiction

# of Pages:  248

RAC Book:  Yes

2010 Iowa Teen Award Winner

Eli and his family rush to a compound one night when they fear there is going to be a nuclear attack on the U.S.  Eli’s dad is a software billionaire and had the compound made with ample square footage and all of the amenities.  Unfortunately, Eli’s twin brother, Eddy, and their grandmother do not make it to the compound in time and his father shuts the door without them.  Six years later the family is having a difficult time coping with the life they have had in this compound.  There were some problems that his father did not anticipate and food is starting to run short.  Eli is not comfortable with some of the choices his family has made in order to survive, but he is most bothered by the loss of his twin and the guilt he feels about their final moments together.  Worst of all, Eli’s dad is as controlling and difficult as ever and Eli wonders if he is telling them the whole truth about their current situation.

This book was captivating from the very beginning.  There are many surprises throughout as Eli reveals his life in the compound and how they are trying to cope with such limitations.  As Eli takes a stand against their current life and tries to find some answers for how to improve it, he finds some hard and unexpected truths.  A good read for anyone, but boys and specifically reluctant readers will enjoy.