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Today Tonight Tomorrow

Genre: Romance

Rowan and Neil have battled throughout high school in everything from grades to class elections. Now it is the last day of senior year and they are both eager to hear who will come out on top for valedictorian. This is also the day where seniors can compete in a very challenging scavenger hunt for bragging rights and a nice cash reward. Despite their differences, they quickly realize that if they pair up for the race they have a better chance of winning. Their group of friends has grown a bit tired of their exhausting feud, but wants to support them as best they can. As the day goes on they begin to learn things about each other that they never knew and it changes how they see each other. Is it possible they wasted their high school years hating someone they should’ve been friends with? Now that they’re both going to different colleges is there still a chance they could form a relationship?

This book takes place in one day and yes a lot of plot happens as two high school seniors begin to learn about people they thought they knew pretty well. The setting is fun with the scavenger hunt and the characters are well developed so that it’s easy to care about what happens with these two. The mixed feelings they have about leaving high school are something many students can identify with. Recommended for those looking for a romance.