Rush by Jonathan Friesen

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

# of Pages:  295

RAC Book:  Yes

Jake King has always had a need for danger and excitement, but this need has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.  When his climbing antics actually injure an innocent bystander he is expelled from school.  At this point, he decides to join a very dangerous fire fighting troop in his town, but his next door neighbor and love interest does not like this idea because many young men have died mysteriously in this group.  Jake really feels fighting dangerous forest fires will be the only way he can keep himself from doing more crazy stunts in an attempt to clear his head.  Once he is training, however, he receives some stern warnings about one of the leaders and believes it is up to him to stop that leader from putting anyone else in danger.

Jake believes that he cannot think straight unless he is on an adrenaline high.  He also believes he has no fear of death, which is why he will not get involved with his next door neighbor whom he secretly loves.  Jake’s motivations and feelings are displayed clearly, but some of the back story is a little confusing at first.  It’s like stepping into a story where the characters have backgrounds that the reader is expected to know.  Some readers may be disappointed in the training and fire fighting scenes as well.  The book is advertised as being about someone who loves the adrenaline rush, but many of his death defying stunts are described quickly and fail to truly draw the reader in.  This book is still recommended for readers who like action and climbing books, but this is not the best one out there.

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