Top 8 by Katie Finn

Genre:  Realistic Fiction/Romance

# of Pages:  304

RAC Book:  Yes

Madison MacDonald is horrified when she returns from her two week spring break vacation with her family to discover that her “friendverse” account (which is like Facebook) has been hacked.  While she was in Ecuador without Internet access someone broke into her account and wrote terrible things to her friends and even broke up with her boyfriend.  As Madison deals with the fallout of everyone hating her, she is also trying to find out why someone would want to hurt her this way.  Meanwhile, she is also hanging out with a boy she met on her trip.  Can Madison clear her name and find the culprit before her life becomes unbearable?

This story is a quick, light read but many teens will be able to identify with it.  Madison comes to the shocking realization that many people have a motive to hurt her and it makes her wonder if she needs to change the way she lives.  The writing style is a bit simple at times and most readers will figure the hacker out before Madison does, but the message is a good one and it is in a format many teens will understand.  The romance will also interest many young readers.  The issues of trust, cyber bullying, and gossip are handled well here and are unfortunately timely issues that teens need to face.

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