Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau

independent study

Genre:  Futuristic/Adventure

# of Pages:  310 p.

RAC Book:  Yes

In this sequel to The Testing, Cia is living in Tosu City having survived the testing in book one.  Tomas, the boy from her home town, is also in Tosu City.  Their memories were altered to keep them from remembering anything that happened during the testing, but Cia had left a message for herself secretly on the navigation device she brought from home so she remembers the hardship and loss they all experienced.  They are about to be given a rigorous test that will determine what they will study in college.  Cia studies incredibly hard and does pass, but not with the major she was hoping for.  Instead, she is put into the government field of study and must move into a dorm with other government students.  Students are not merely tested on paper, however, and must in fact survive a rigorous initiation process.  Can Cia survive yet another dangerous challenge that could end with her dying?  What does Cia learn about this government while living there?  Whom can she trust in his mission to stop the testing from ever happening again?

This is a solid follow-up to The Testing and will be  welcomed by many readers.  There is not as much focus on the students themselves as there is on the government officials and overall structure of the government.  The problems Cia has for freeing herself and other children from the testing regimens are only beginning to surface as this program involves many more people and secret layers than she could have ever thought.  Plus, the head of the government department seems to have it out for Cia.  She has a lot to do and is unsure who is really willing to help her do it.  Fans of The Hunger Games or adventure spy novels will enjoy this title.  This book really starts to set itself apart from other similar series.


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