Bluebird by Sharon Cameron

Genre: Historical Fiction

Eva arrives in New York City along with her friend, Brigit, who has suffered some mental trauma in the aftermath of the war. Both women know that there will be people who do not accept them due to their German accents, but there was nothing left for them in Berlin and Eva has a mission to find her father whom she believes is also in New York. The story alternates between Eva in New York after the war and Inge in Berlin during the war. It quickly becomes apparent why Eva desperately wants to find her father and the terrible deal she was forced to make in order to be able to come to America at all. They are fortunate to find people willing to help them acclimate to a new country by providing food and shelter, and mostly kindness. Eva has struggled to take care of Brigit for over a year now that she has reverted to a childlike state after her trauma. She’s hopeful she will be able to find a doctor who can maybe help her, but how can she hope to make her way in a country that sees her as the enemy? How can she prove to people that even though she was subject to Nazi teachings she no longer adheres to the doctrine? How can she fight against other Germans who still believe they are above others? How can she face her father again now that she knows the truth?

This historical fiction novel really illustrates what it was like for people living in Germany under Hitler’s rule and what it was like after the war when it all came crumbling down. As all the secrets and lies come spilling out there will always be people who don’t believe the truth or even still defend the teachings of the Nazis. It’s no surprise that Eva struggles to trust other people after what her life has been like thus far, but nevertheless she still has hope for humanity and desperately wants to do her best to right the wrongs of the past. This story shines a light on aspects of the war that aren’t discussed as much and fans of WWII fiction will very much enjoy the twists and turns of the plot.


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