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Live Your Best Lie by Jessie Weaver

Genre: Mystery

Summer Cartwright is a very powerful social media influencer who has gathered secrets about those closest to her including her best friend, Grace, her ex-boyfriend, Adam, her former camp mate, Laney, and a sophomore who aspires to be just like her, Cora. Everyone has heard the news that Summer has secured a book deal and plans to release ALL of the secrets she has on everyone else. Therefore, everyone feels they need to be especially nice and accommodating so that she might change her mind. Summer is planning the biggest, splashiest Halloween party and insists these four come. However, shortly after everyone arrives they receive a strange text message that Summer will be dead in five minutes. The party guests assume it’s a murder mystery party and start looking for clues…but then Grace, Cora, Laney, and Adam stumble upon Summer’s body and they know it was all too real and that they will all be prime suspects. Who would kill Summer at her own party? How did they do it? Is there a way for them to clear their names before it’s too late?

This story covers a lot of issues including parental abuse, academic pressures, plagiarism, the dangers of social media, and even teen dating. Many readers will find something they can commiserate with as they get to know these characters. It’s told in alternating chapters so you get to see how each one of them feels about Summer and her murder, but it takes awhile before all of the secrets spill out and it becomes clear who the killer is. The ending is exciting and satisfying and will leave readers wanting to know more about these characters. Recommended for anyone who enjoyed One of Us is Lying.

One Moment by Kristina McBride


Genre:  Realistic Fiction

# of Pages:  261

RAC:  Yes

Maggie and her boyfriend climbed a gorge in order to jump hand in hand into the water below, but something went terribly wrong and Maggie woke up at the top with no memory of what happened.  Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Joey, floated in the water below dead.   Afterward, Maggie and her friends must face life without Joey, while also overcoming the guilt they feel for having gone to that place at all.  Adam, one of their best friends, seems to be holding something back and has been steadily withdrawing since the accident.  Is there something Maggie doesn’t know about Joey?  Will she ever remember what happened at the top of that gorge?

Fans of realistic fiction will enjoy this title.  This story is engaging right from the beginning and the individual characteristics of the group are detailed well so that the reader can truly distinguish between each member.  There are a few key elements that the reader will pick up on before Maggie, but the big reveal seems satisfying nonetheless.  The book deals with grief, the aftermath of death, and even the ability to see the flaws as well as the strengths in someone who is gone in a manner that anyone can relate to who has experience with losing a loved one.