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The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

Genre: Action/Mystery

Nora O’Malley was raised by her con artist mother until her sister rescued her and tried to give her a more stable life. Her friends know very little about her dubious past, but when they are held up at gun point in a bank robbery, Nora’s mind immediately begins to think like a grifter to find a way out for them. The book then flashes back to difference identities Nora had when she was running cons with her mother, including name and appearance changes for each one. Nora was groomed by her mother to act differently in every situation so that they could ensnare their mark, who was always wealthy but sketchy enough that the odds they would report thefts to the police were slim. It’s obvious things fell apart at some point because Nora’s mom is now in jail, but what part did she play in getting her mom convicted? Is she safe from her past crimes or are there still people looking for her? Can she explain to her friends why her behavior is so calculated as she tries to free them from this bank heist?

This entertaining story grabs the reader’s attention right from the beginning, but keeps it by dangling mysterious facts about Nora’s past. It’s easy to care about her current predicament in the bank robbery, but also to want to know more about the things she did under her mother’s orders as a child. Also, what happened to bring it all crashing down? The story is well described so that it’s easy to follow despite the timelines jumps and develops characters in each situation that are fully realized and memorable. Readers looking for fast paced action will enjoy this title, but be advised there is some mature language and content.

Black and White by Paul Volponi

Genre:  Realistic Fiction/Sports

Age Level:  14 and up

# of pages:  185 p.

RAC Book:  Yes

Eddie and Marcus have been best friends for so long that no one even qusetions the fact that Eddie is white and Marcus is black.  In fact, since they are a dynamic duo on the basketball court they actually have the nickname “black and white.”  Unfortunately, they get the idea to hold people up in order to get extra cash and a man accidentally gets shot.  As the cops slowly start to put the pieces together they need to decide just what it means to be a good friend.  Does it mean taking the blame together or keeping your mouth shut and letting your friend walk away free?

This story discusses the differences in how African American and Caucasion people are treated in the court system.  This story is based on interviews conducted by the author with people who have been caught in similar situations.  Students will like this story because it discusses friendship as well as choices.  At our school we stress how important it is for students to be aware of the choices they make because each one can change the course of your life.