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The Body Electric by Beth Revis

body electric

Genre:  Science Fiction

# of Pages:  466

RAC:  Yes

Ella lives with her mother in the new city that was built after a major world war.  Her mother is famous for inventing the technology of reveries, which enable people to go into a sleep where they can relive their happiest memories.  Her father was also a brilliant scientist who worked on finding a cure for the terrible disease her mother had before he was suddenly and tragically killed in a lab accident.  Ella’s mom has lived longer than anyone else with this disease, but she’s getting weaker and Ella knows it is only a matter of time before she’s on her own.  Her mother’s childhood friend helps run the reverie spa and one day informs Ella that she needs to go meet with the president of their newly established government.  The President informs her that she feels rebellious rumblings and will do whatever it takes to stop another war, including altering the memories of the rebels.  Ella isn’t sure about using her mother’s technology that way and goes to her father’s grave to think it over when a teenage boy comes up and acts like she should know him.  He knows things about her family and seems genuinely hurt she doesn’t know him.  Is it possible someone is using her mother’s technology to alter her memories?  If that’s true, what else doesn’t she remember?

This thrilling sci-fi novel takes many plot twists to get to the final conclusion.  Some readers may find the constant revelations start to get a little confusing at times as they happen quickly near the end.  As Ella’s parents were both genius scientists there are numerous referrals to science and technology in the ultimate resolution of the plot.  The characters are very memorable and engaging, especially considering some of them aren’t in the story that much.  The romance between Ella and the boy is well described and a believable source of angst for Ella, but isn’t dwelled upon too much in a book that has a lot going on.  Fans of sci fi will devour this title.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Genre:  Science Fiction

# of Pages:  265

RAC Book:  Yes

Iowa High School Award Winner 2010

Jenna Fox was in a horrible car accident and wakes up a year later in a different part of the country with no memory of the previous year.  She lives with her mom and grandma and her dad is back home.  No one will tell her why they moved or why she has no memories of her life.  They assure her it will take time to recover and remember who she was.  In this book, it is possible to replace organs or create clones, but it is illegal to do so.  As Jenna starts piecing together bits of information that do not make sense she starts to wonder what her parents were willing to do in order to save her.  How far would a parent go to save a dying child?

Students who like Jodi Picoult books will enjoy this one, because it moves quickly and has several twists and turns in the plot.  There are also many moral issues discussed as the society struggles with the previous overuse of antibiotics that have annihilated several species of plants and animals on earth.  What scientific measures are appropriate if the intentions are good?  When does it go too far?  An interesting futuristic story that will leave the reader thinking about the possibilities the future could hold if we do not monitor some of our ways today.

DupliKate by Cherry Cheva

Genre:  Fantasy

# of Pages:  242

RAC Book:  Yes

Kate is highly stressed as she heads into finals week before Christmas break.  She has to finish her college essay, retake the SATs, finish building a robot for her Science final, and prepare for and take her finals.  Meanwhile, her boyfriend is getting annoyed that she hasn’t been spending as much time with him lately even though she is trying to get into Yale to be with him.  One night while on her computer, she accidentally opens a simulation program she has not looked at in years.  The next morning she wakes up to find she has a clone.  Naturally, this bothers her, but she is so busy she keeps pushing Rina aside.  As Rina tries to help Kate get everything done she begins to let her, but only with things that are not graded.  As Rina begins to take over Kate’s life she realizes that Rina’s intentions may not be completely innocent.

This light book moves quickly and will keep the interest of young students who generally like Meg Cabot or Kate Brian books.  The character of Kate does try to avoid cheating by using her clone, which is nice considering many teens would use this as an opportunity to sleep in and still get good grades.  As Kate evaluates all of the goals she has set for herself she completely turns everything upside down near the end and there is not a lot of content in the story to explain why.  All in all, it’s a very predictable read, but those who want something light should enjoy it.